Gaea is a global interactive entertainment company with offices in Beijing, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong. Since its founding in September 2014, Gaea has set its sights on becoming the foremost creator of mobile entertainment, movies and animation, rejuvenator of classic cultural figures on new platforms, and bridge between innovative minds and the market.
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Gaea Story

Here at Gaea, entertainment means more than business or games to us. Though we come from many corners of the world, we are united by a shared aspiration. From Astro Boy to Street Fighter, from arcade to mobile games, from anime to films, these cultural symbols defined each and every one of us and formed a special bond between us. When we started Gaea, our goal was to carry great legacies forward and to entertain and connect our users across the globe by sharing emotions, friendships and good times.

Gaea was founded
Gaea landed in Korea
Soul Clash launched in Korea
Acquired global licensing rights for Ace of Arenas
Ace of Arenas started open beta in China
Gaea landed in the U.S.
Acquired global licensing rights for Rise & Rule
Soul Clash was featured in Apple Store upon its launch in Japan
Ace of Arenas topped the Paid charts in China IOS APP stores
《가디언즈배틀》launched in Korea
Soul Clash hits 800,000 downloads
Bomb Bash, the hit casual game, announced
Scar of Sky entitlement acquired
Acquired Kabam's classic mobile games and third-party publishing business
MMORPG The Legend of Sword and Fairy entitlement acquired
Xuanyuan Sword 3 was featured in Apple Store
Invest in the best Chinese mobile HTML5 company - Modo7Game
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD PROJEKT RED partners with GAEA to bring “GWENT: The Witcher Card Game” to China
The best is yet to come......
Enjoy the Fun at Gaea - The Ultimate Entertainment Experience
We live in a world where access to the internet has eroded geographical boundaries, connecting us all to a far greater extent than previously imaginable. In the spirit of this international age, Gaea games strive to surpass cultural and national limitations thanks to our global team and international operations. We celebrate the most iconic styles from all across the world, such as American action and Japanese "Kawaii". We also foster emerging independent elements from newcomers to the industry, such as China and East Europe. For our users, we aim to create entertainment that is timeless, interactive and universally accessible.
"Gaea has set the bar for mobile entertainment. Literally, it is fun at your fingertips."
Gaea redefines mobile entertainment in terms of both the content it carries and the form it takes, from the classic TCG Soul Clash to the action MOBA Ace of Arenas to our original anime Aotu. We are dedicated to breaking out of the formulas of entertainment and pushing the boundaries of interactivity in order to innovate every detail of every product, rejuvenate well-established intellectual properties, adhere to creators’ originality, and create future classics.
Gaea makes it possible for you to team up with your friends--from real life or in online communities--anytime, anywhere. In addition, via our interactive platforms and community, we encourage our players to forge new friendships through a mutual love of fun. Mobile devices have profoundly reshaped our lifestyles by putting us online all the time. We are here to make sure that mobile entertainment lives up to its full potential of bringing people together to share in their passions.
Create the Fun

We believe that great content comes first, and everything else will follow. We also know a great product when we see one. As a mobile entertainment company, Gaea not only scouts and launches, but also incubates and creates.

To us, it is important to dedicate our passion and resources to high-quality products that transcend genre and trends. Therefore, we are always willing to take risks with talented creators who are visionaries and true innovators. We provide comprehensive and in-depth support for better products and greater business success.
Together we are creating a world-class mobile entertainment brand. When introducing our products to the world, we utilize all possible channels. Neither borders nor conventions can limit us.
We ensure our products utilize the most cutting-edge technology. Firm in the belief that human behavior and technology is an organic community, we apply technologies such as machine learning and behavior tracking to optimize the user's entertainment experience.
Spread the fun Our creed is to bring the right fun to the right people at the right time. Our mission is to connect every corner of the world with the language of interactive entertainment. Through our online advertising platform and offline Esports tournaments, we aim to not only cross geographic borders via the mobile internet, but also penetrate online and offline barriers to eventually transform future entertainment.